In the global context, where counterfeiting represents a loss estimated at over 900 billion euros/year according to the BASCAP (Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy) study, released in a press release by the Portuguese delegation of the International Chamber of Commerce, government entities are fighting hard to minimise the negative impact that this form of "theft" has on societies.

Many interests are affected and millions of people are seriously injured. In a brief approach, the consequences of counterfeiting are these:

  • lost sales
  • ruined profits
  • potential sales losses in related sectors
  • direct and indirect loss of jobs
  • exorbitant losses in government revenue with tax losses
  • direct loss on social contributions

And for this scenario, is there a solution?


Monttra Pro is the anti-counterfeiting solution created to protect the identity and quality of products and ensure brand authenticity throughout the distribution chain. From the beginning to the end of life, products are constantly monitored, and their path is always known - undoubtedly.


In a huge world of threats to economic and social balance, with incalculable repercussions on health and the environment, this anti-counterfeiting solution is aimed at businesses, the economy and the general population:

  • High-end, luxury companies, "prime targets" of counterfeiting.
  • Artists, creators, watchmakers, jewellers and other creative and craft professions; brands and products subject to counterfeiting such as electronic products; accessories and pieces from numerous sectors of activity.
  • Products with an impact on consumer health and safety such as medicines, beauty products, food and beverages, tobacco, glasses, ...


With Monttra Pro, authentic brands can truly deliver unmatched experiences. No hassle, a single platform that - from the beginning to the end - only provides guarantees.

What is guaranteed?

  • The unique virtual property, originality and authenticity
  • The secure transferability of goods, because there is legitimacy for it to happen
  • The simple transferability of goods, since there is no doubt about their origin
  • The online monitoring of products, avoiding deviations
  • The monitoring of all interaction in the distribution chain
  • The protection of the brand and its intrinsic values

How is this guaranteed?

  • Through advanced anti-counterfeiting technology (business intelligence)
  • Through a system that verifies the authenticity of Ghost ID

What is the process?

In a very simple way, it is possible to follow the whole course of the product, since it left the place where it was produced, on which dates it was sold, when it was resold, and other details.

Monttra Pro for Producers [back-office]

  • Enters all the items you want on the platform
  • Creates the serial numbers (one visible and one hidden)
  • Makes the transmission of virtual property

Monttra Pro for Distribution [APP + back-office]

  • Checks every received item
  • Makes the transmission of virtual property

Monttra Pro for Consumers [APP]

  • Checks the product received and compares it with the digital certificate
  • Confirms that the serial number corresponds to the serial number of the certificate
  • Performs additional validation of a hidden code (Ghost ID authenticity check that can be revealed, e.g. by a scratch card)


Monttra Pro is the anti-counterfeiting solution that acts as a virtual barrier to counterfeiting, an authenticator of what is true and false and a guaranteed experience facilitator.

Monttra Pro offers the brand owner the possibility to protect all his products. It offers an automatic serialization process, in which each item is identified, in its back-office. Then the process in which the product is transmitted is identified - since this protection is expandable to the entire chain of operators. In the end? The consumer who experiences confidence in the purchase process gets naturally well impressed.

  • Guarantee of authenticity of the product, from producer to final consumer.
  • Reinforcement of the prestige and protection of the brand, which adds value to the products.

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